The tourist attraction, called Lucky Enterprise and situated at No.115, National Highway 4 Near Varsoli Toll Naka, Old Mumbai – Pune Hwy, Lonavala, Maharashtra 410405 (“the Attraction”) is part of the Lucky Enterprise. Visitors to the Attraction are bound by the following Terms and Conditions and by purchasing tickets for The Attraction (“Ticket” or “Tickets”), you acknowledge that you have informed Lucky Enterprise that you accept these conditions of use and the terms. Tickets holders are identified under these Terms and Conditions to be “Visitors”.


1.1 Price Disclaimer: The cost of tickets may fluctuate from time-to-time as well. Lucky Enterprise may, at its sole discretion, alter prices without notice. There is no way to allow two offers to be joined together. The only exception is that Lucky Enterprise, in its sole discretion, can permit certain deals to be combined.

1.2 Product Disclaimer: The management is making every effort to ensure that all figures and interactives operational. However it’s possible that some figures or interactives may not be completely ready or functional for all time because of technical/repairs and maintenance issues or any other issue beyond our control. No refund, whether full or partial, will be considered in any situation.


One ticket purchased gives one person access to the Attraction at a time. After the visitors have been out of the Attraction They will have to purchase a second ticket to be able to return to the Attraction

  • Everyone who enters the Attraction must have an authentic Ticket. The Ticket is kept at all times, and available to inspection upon request by any staff member. In the event of not presenting the proper Ticket at any time can result in being removed of the Attraction.
  • When ticket prices differ depending on the user’s age, the following rules are applicable:
  • A person who is 11 years old or older is considered an adult.
  • A person who is aged between 3 and 11 years of age is classified as an infant. (Age evidence to be provided upon request)
  • For children who are younger than 3 (3) years old, there is no admission fees will be paid.
  • The cost of tickets may fluctuate from time to time and the advertised prices are not guaranteed.
  • After purchase, whether via purchases or on free basis, tickets are not refundable or transferable and are void in the event of alteration, and tickets are not valid if Lucky Enterprise reasonably suspects have been altered or transferred are not valid. If they are lost, tickets are not replaceable. Tickets include entry into the majority, but not necessarily all areas of the attraction, subject the availability of tickets and the discretion of Lucky Enterprise.
  • At times, Lucky Enterprise may issue Tickets in conjunction with promotional offers (“Promotional Tickets”) but Tickets that are promotional Tickets are in the event of availability and in accordance with any conditions and terms that apply to the specific promotion.
  • Refunds or cancellations- All tickets purchased through any channel that are sold by Lucky Enterprise are all sold on a non-refundable, non-exchangeable basis.

Pre-Booked Tickets

  • The pre-booked Tickets (included priority access Tickets (as described below)) are to be collected at the main entrance of the Attraction.
  • Anyone who wants to redeem their Tickets that have been booked in advance must present an item to Attraction employees the following documents:
  • The reference for booking was issued at the time of booking tickets;
  • The credit card can be used to pay for the tickets. If the cardholder is not present on the day, you’ll require the credit card to be shown in person on the day the reservation has been completed, and a copy is retained at the discretion of Lucky Enterprise.
  • Pre-booked tickets cannot be utilized in conjunction with any coupon, promotion or other promotion.


Children who are 11 must be in the care of an adult.

Health and Safety

  • Tickets users enter the venue on your own risk. Lucky Enterprise will not be accountable for any damage, loss or injury that results from an existing medical condition or a violation of these terms and conditions.
  • From time to time, the Attraction staff might draw Attention of Visitors to specific safety and health guidelines to which visitors must adhere.

Visitors’ Conduct

  • Visitors must observe the following rules while visiting the attraction:
  • Smoking and chewing are not permitted. Tabaco
  • Animals and pets are not permitted except guide dogs and hearing dogs.
  • There is no consumption of beverages or food items without the written approval of Merlin;
  • Do not use weapons that cause offense.
  • Do not touch any statues and/or interior, and maintain distance when taking photos with statues.
  • In 9D cinema – do not clean glasses, glasses will clean by our staff.
  • There is no access to any part of the Attraction, other the areas specifically that are designated for use by visitors;
  • Bags that are that are larger than 55cm x 35 cm will not be permitted inside the attraction;
  • The guests are responsible for any damage or alteration caused by theft, loss or damage in any way or otherwise, to the property of Lucky Enterprise due to their negligence or omission or failure to comply with any rules or rules in the Attraction.


  • To protect themselves Visitors could be asked to undergo a thorough investigation of their body or possessions. Anyone refusing to cooperate or who is identified as being possessing items believed to be dangerous or unsuitable by Lucky Enterprise in to be unsafe or inappropriate is denied access or removed from the attraction.
  • Visitors are required to keep their personal belongings throughout the day, and Lucky Enterprise accepts no responsibility for theft, loss or destruction to personal items brought to the Attraction
  • There should be no unnecessary sound (whether from mobile phones , personal stereos, or any other source) or conduct that could cause offence or annoy others Visitors or to intimidate the staff at the attraction;
  • There is no use of illegal substances or alcohol consumption.
  • Lucky Enterprise reserves the right to revoke entry to the Attraction or expulsion from Attraction without refund if a guest is found misusing or violating attraction policies/regulations, staff instructions, or proving a threat for other guests.


In the future, Lucky Enterprise or other authorized third parties might perform photography or other recordings within the Attraction the photographs or recordings could feature Visitors. Visitors agree to the use of the images from Lucky Enterprise in connection with advertisements, promotions, or monitoring, and recognize that copyright on the images is owned by Lucky Enterprise or any other authorized third-party.

Lucky Enterprise Obligations

  • Visitors are advised that from time certain times, areas of the Attraction might be closed and some wax figures may be removed to facilitate maintenance or other technical reasons. Tickets are not refundable or compensated for be offered in the case of closures or removals.
  • Lucky Enterprise will use its reasonable efforts to remain operating and open during the advertised opening hours, but can choose to shut down the Attraction on any day regardless of security or for any other reason without prior notice. In the event of a closure, all tickets given to guests exclusively on the date of closing will be exchanged for another ticket or reimbursed through Luck Enterprise at the cost they that they paid, however no compensation will be offered.


Security measures

  • As a response to the pandemic of Covid-19.
  • We have implemented specific safety measures for each of our Attractions to protect the safety, health, and wellbeing of those who visit our Attractions.
  • An extensive list of security precautions being implemented at our Attraction is on our website.

Visitors’ requirements

  • The security measures put into put in place to combat the Covid-19 pandemic exist to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone at our attraction. The Attraction has the best interests for everyone who visits our Attraction to follow the security measures implemented. If an individual does do not adhere to the safety guidelines we are entitled to require that person to be removed from the Attraction according to these conditions and terms.

Acceptance of the risk

  • The security measures currently being implemented and are in the process of being introduced are designed to decrease the possibility of contracting Covid-19 virus, however the risk is not completely eliminated. Anyone who comes to our attractions understands that they are doing so at the risk of their own.